Welcome : Fáilte


You are very welcome to the new website of Vexillology Ireland : Brateolaíocht Éireann

Vexillology Ireland : Brateolaíocht Éireann is a branch of the Genealogical Society of Ireland dedicated to the promotion of an awareness, appreciation and knowledge of Ireland’s vexillological heritage and of vexillology in general.

Membership of Vexillology Ireland is open to all interested in the subject whether professionally as a vexillologist or vexillographer or simply a flags enthusiast.

Please read the aims and objectives of Vexillology Ireland on this website. A copy of the Constitution may be viewed here

As vexillologists we want to understand the historical events and people concerning the various flags and emblems that we’re researching, therefore, you may find this listing of DVDs of interest. Please click here.

As this website is still largely under construction, please checkout Vexillology Ireland on Facebook here.

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